maandag 8 januari 2007

Mac komt met 8 processoren?

Een dualprocessor is al heel wat maar er gaan geruchten dat het allemaal nog veel gekker kan...

Some analysts are predicting that Apple Computer may announce a Mac desktop that sports eight processors at the Macworld Expo next week. Industry watchers say Apple is sure to update its line of desktops and laptops. Will the company go quad-core? Some analysts say it might even work in two quad-core processors to give a Mac desktop the power
of eight processors.

"I wouldn't be surprised if they start shipping Mac Pros with eight cores," said John Welch, a Unix/open source administrator at Kansas City Life Insurance and a Mac industry analyst who will be speaking at MacWorld Expo 2007. "They could have two quad cores in them. They've
got the basic architecture now. They can do this. It would be really cool. You never get in trouble for releasing a faster computer."

Bron: Neowin

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