vrijdag 16 maart 2007

Switching naar een Mac

Leuk artikel met een aantal punten wat je je moet realiseren als je overstapt van Windows naar het Mac-besturingssysteem: 'So, here’s what it’s like to switch to a Mac, without all the whining and hysterics'...

Poke around the net for a while searching for information on what it’s like to switch to a Mac, and you’ll quickly get a face full of hyperbole, zealots, platform bigots, feature weenies, and naysayers - from both the Windows and Mac camps.
But there are precious few places to get an honest word about what it’s like to switch, other than some deeply technical face-offs. So, I’ve been taking notes for the past few years, and thought I’d write them down.
Before I get into things, I should say that I’ve been a happy Mac user for 3 or 4 years, but spent most of the 10+ years before that quite enamored with Windows and DOS as well.

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Bill zei

Hey, thanks for the link!

I don't speak Dutch, but babelfish.altavista.com does :-)