maandag 23 april 2007

Shiira Project

Voor de Mac is er een gratis alternatieve browser ontwikkeld: Shiira. Onlangs is daar een nieuwe versie van uitgekomen. Ziet er veelbelovend uit.

Wellicht leuk om eens uit te proberen?

De browser is ook in het Nederlands in te stellen.


  • Tabbed windows
  • Auto-tab for bookmark folder
  • Wheel button operation (open in new tab, and tab switching)
  • Make Web page PDF without pagination
  • Large image auto-resizing
  • Supported the browse mode feature which opens a link always in the same tab, always in a new tab, or always in a new background tab
  • Search field with choice of search engine
  • Integrated download features to the side bar
  • Side drawer showing bookmarks and history
  • Search text field for bookmark and history
  • Bookmarklet


  • Window appearance switching (Aqua and Metal)
  • Toolbar icons switching

Source Viewing

  • Customizing fonts and colors of the HTML source
  • Displaying HTTP header in source window
  • Multiple source windows per one browser window


  • Supports IDN (International Domain Name)
  • Supports cURL
  • Supports Growl
  • Bookmark management
  • Improved drag and drop for a link and a bookmark
  • Cache control panel
  • The capacity of memory and disk cache are changeable
  • Removing Cookie and cache at the termination
  • Displaying favicon list
  • Enable/disable favicon with bookmark
  • Displaying back-forward list on toolbar buttons
  • Implemented printing feature
  • Help document (Japanese only)
  • Supported French, German, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Portuguese, Swedish, and Dutch.

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