woensdag 20 juni 2007

Offline webservices

Remember The Milk heeft als één van de eersten een plaatsje gekregen bij Google Gears; iets nieuws van Google. Gears biedt de mogelijkheid aan developers om offline toepassingen te maken. Stel je hebt je laptop via een WiFi-verbinding openstaan en je internet verbinding valt 'dood'. Dan nog kun je RTM blijven gebruiken dankzij deze Firefox / IE plugin.

Lees het interessante artikel eens door op Slate.com. Off-line browsen, lijkt iets van vroeger maar Google heeft weer een innovatieve killer-app geleverd...

"A week ago, I ceremoniously yanked out my MacBook's Ethernet cable and toggled off the Wi-Fi. Once I was positive the machine was cut off from the Internet, I added a task to my online to-do list. It worked. I sat back and smiled, agog—I had just seen the future of software.

I wrangle my to-dos with a Web service called Remember the Milk. Compared with a bloated behemoth like Outlook, it's a streamlined, fun-to-use wonder. Rather than sitting on one PC's hard disk, RTM lives on the Web, where it's available on every computer I use. Up until that day, though, it had the same overwhelming problem as every other Net-based service on the planet: It was ... well, Net-based. No Internet connection, no to-do list.

But now Remember the Milk has added support for Google Gears, a new browser plug-in for Firefox and Internet Explorer that helps developers disconnect their wares from the Web. I click an offline icon, and RTM temporarily stores my to-dos on my PC and uses bits of Javascript code stored locally to let me add, delete, and edit tasks. I can add items to my list while on a plane or in a car. Once I'm online again, it syncs everything back to the Web. It's a neat, simple, and practical way to take advantage of the Net even when the Net's not around."

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