zaterdag 6 oktober 2007

Ubuntu versie 7.04 Review

Op ZDNet staat een uitgebreide versie van Ubuntu. Mooi is dat je dat altijd uit kunt proberen op een Windows of Mac machine m.b.v. virtualisatie. Zo is installatie mogelijk onder Mac OS X met Parallels. Kun je e.e.a. uittesten.
  • The good: Ubuntu is free; will read Windows- or Mac-saved Office files; comes with Firefox and OpenOffice preinstalled; comes with several multimedia applications and a VoIP application preinstalled as well.
  • The bad: Ubuntu won't run most popular software, so you'll have to learn new applications for word processing and spreadsheets; the new Desktop Effects is still experimental and produced a handful of glitches; some wireless and Webcam drivers are missing; the operating system was unable to wake up sometimes and kept losing time or gaining it on our test machine.
Bron: ZDNet

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