dinsdag 29 april 2008

Web 2.0: Check out Exhibit - maak online web 2.0 toepassingen

Met Exhibit kun je zelf online toepassingen maken. Misschien iets om deze vakantiedagen door te komen?
Web 2.0: Check out Exhibit, the latest in online applications that make it easy and fun to create interactive, graphical models.New online applications like MIT's Exhibit are making it easier to create useful, interactive, graphical models when teaching (http://simile.mit.edu/exhibit).According to project author and MIT student David Huynh, Exhibit was created to provide a way for people to graphically display sets of data without having to know any real programming skills. Any student or teacher with a basic knowledge of HTML can take a spreadsheet full of information and easily turn it into an interactive online exhibit that can sort and display the data graphically.When loaded in Exhibit, the details in a set of data can be viewed in many different layouts, including timelines, maps, and tables. Exhibit makes it very easy to search for or select specific details from each set of data. Several great examples of the power of the Exhibit software can be seen on the MIT Simile Project's Web site.Teachers and students can get started right away with Exhibit by copying and pasting code from the tutorials that are found on the Web site. A GUI-based interface for creating Exhibits is also being developed.—Chad Criswell
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