woensdag 4 juni 2008

Security Guide voor Leopard te downloaden

Apple komt met een security guide voor Leopard clients. Je kunt het boekje gratis downloaden, is in PDF-formaat.
Apple offers sys-admins almost 250 pages of security best-practices and tips to protect Mac OS X Leopard clients. Released on Monday, the guide document is a 3.4MB PDF. The guide is aimed at experienced users, Apple says, familiar with the Terminal application and its command-line interface. Some instructions in this guide are complex, and deviation could cause serious adverse effects on the computer and its security. These instructions should only be used by experienced Mac OS X users, and should be followed by thorough testing.The guide spans basic “hardware” security practices as well as the new security features introduced in Leopard, such as library randomization and sandboxing.
Apple releases Mac OS X Leopard Security Guide | The Apple Core | ZDNet.com

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