dinsdag 11 november 2008

Microsoft verliest op gebied van mobiel

Op ZDnet is een discussie los gebarsten over de rol die Microsoft nog speelt op het mobiele platform. Hoewel zij vroeg waren met hun pocketpc (2001), worden ze nu ingehaald door de iPhone en Android. Dat levert een verhitte discussielijn op...

Microsoft is falling behind in mobile | Googling Google | ZDNet.com: "Steve Ballmer is quick to say that Google’s new Android operating system is nothing to worry about, and that he doesn’t get their business model — but when was the last time you heard anything interesting about Windows Mobile?

“This is [Google’s] first phone, they’re not easy. Let’s see how they do.” … “[Google] can hire smart guys, hire smart people, blah-de-blah-de-blah. … I don’t really understand their strategy, maybe somebody else does. … Turning up to an investor meeting saying, ‘We’ve just launched a mobile operating system with no revenue model, yay!’ — I wouldn’t do that. … I don’t get the business model.”

Google has been working hard on Android, and in many ways, they are the open source alternative to iPhone. Even Blackberry is stepping up to the plate with their new touch screen device. All three of these operating systems are taking trending towards self-serve, hosted application directories that really get developers excited about building applications. The iPhone App Store has been a huge success — some applications like Trism have brought instant riches to its developer (a quarter million in just 2 months). Google’s market place, and the App Center from Research In Motion are sure to be just as attractive to developers.

What about Microsoft? Windows Mobile 6, which technically has lots of the same potential, looks ancient and feels clunky compared to its modern counterparts. The lack of the “cool factor” for Windows Mobile could quickly become a problem for Microsoft."

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