donderdag 9 april 2009

Canada dag 7

Vandaag zijn we te gast bij de Board; een overkoepelende organisatie met meer dan 90 scholen. Net hebben we de IPON sessie gehad en nu denken we na over de verschillende vragen over ict en het gebruik in de 21e eeuw. Wij als subgroepje (van 6) hebben hierover het volgende opgeschreven:

Donnie, Jill, Harry, Rob, Jifke, Anne

  • What are common challenges seen in schools, moving to 21st century learning.
    • learning in the 21st century
      • use of technology
        • SMART

Common Challenges - Changing from teacher directed lessons to collaborative and student directed learning. How is this possible with only one Smartboard? Easier in primary grades due to number of students and stations instead of intermediate with larger groups. Maybe teaching needs to be moved to small groups and centres with a more focussed approach to the subjects and skills that are being taught.

Students need to be trained and hooked into the idea of learning with this model. Teachers really need to shift their way of thinking about teaching styles and assessment practices. Teaching should be more focussed on the Big Ideas and the Enduring Understandings.

Another challenge is to use the technology that the students are already familiar with using, such as cell phones, Ipods and laptops.

Teachers have some difficulty letting go of having control of the teaching instead of letting the students take the lead in their learning. How can we reach more teachers to assist them in trying the constructivist approach rather than continuing to teach the familiar way. One way to promote this is using professional colllaboration sites with teachers who can demonstrate this new constructivist approach to teaching. Also, significant amounts of time for professional development that is teacher directed.

  • How can your collaboration in STAL help schools (in CA and NL) to further develop their 21st cent. learning

If we are collaborating with other countries then students and teachers can see that there is accountable discussion, others can see us practicing these techniques then this will bring this constructivist way of learning to the attention of other teachers.

We can continue to network with each other to support the changes in the way curriculum is taught and move teaching and learning into the future.

Exposure of the Netherlands teachers being in the schools has opened up the possibilites to other teachers to what can be done with technology. Sharing knowledge between countries and teachers in a forum would enable us to promote new ways of teaching.

  • What specific ideas, strategies or solutions did you see that will help you impact others.

Create a bulletin board, blog or forum where teachers can ask questions and receive answers from all over the world to expand their knowledge base. Use web conferencing equipment to connect regularly with other classrooms around the world with similar interests. Making sure that all teachers and schools are aware that different types of technology are available for use, such as the video conferencing equipment.

Using PD time to demonstrate enhanced student directed learning using the technology available.

Schools need to have consistency in the types of equipment that are available to the teachers so all teachers can learn the new way. Reallocation of funds for technology from the Board level for each schools.

  • Mention one example that you would like to share after morning coffee break.

Using video conferencing to connect with other schools to enhance student learning and expose them to different ideas, such as role playing games, science lessons and real time activities such as NASA.

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