zaterdag 31 oktober 2009

Windows PE boot disk maken met WAIK

Vandaag de handleiding gevolgd om een Windows PE boot disk te maken, maar met de documentatie van Microsoft kwam ik daar niet uit. Gelukkig op internet wél de goede oplossing gevonden… Bron is hier te vinden.

Here are the rough steps (example for capturing and deploying a 64bit system):

Step 1 Create WinPE disk:

1. Install WAIK on a technical computer.
2. Right-click Windows PE Tools Command Prompt and click Run as administrator.
3. Type the following commands and press Enter.

Copype amd64 c:\winpe
Imagex /mountrw c:\winpe\winpe.wim 1 c:\winpe\mount

4. Copy imagex.exe from C:\Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\amd64 to c:\winpe\mount\Windows\System32.
5. Type the following commands and press Enter.

Imagex.exe /unmount /commit c:\winpe\mount

Copy d:\winpe\winpe.wim c:\winpe\iso\sources\boot.wim /y

Oscdimg -n -h -bc:\winpe\ c:\winpe\iso c:\winpe\winpe.iso

6. Burn winpe.iso using Nero and you will get a WinPE with ImageX disk.

Step 2 Make an unattend installation file named sysprep.xml (or other name):

Copy sysprep.xml to the C:\windows\system32\sysprep folder on the reference computer.

Note: you can skip Step 2 if you do not use an unattend file.

Step 3 Sysprep

Type the following command and press Enter on the reference computer:

sysprep /generalize /oobe /shutdown /unattend:sysprep.xml

Step 4 Capture and apply image

1. Restart the reference computer and boot into WinPE disk immediately.
2. Run the following command and press Enter:

imagex /capture /compress maximum /check c: d:\enterprise.wim "Enterprise"

3. Copy d:\enterprise.wim to a USB external drive or a network shared folder.
4. Then you can boot into the WinPE disk on the destination computer.
5. Run the following commands and press Enter:

format c: /fs:ntfs /q/y
imagex /apply e:\enterprise.wim 1  c:
wpeutil reboot
Note: e is the drive letter of the USB external drive or the network shared folder.

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